Student Essay on Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks

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Go Ask Alice is about a 15-year-old girl who is in love has many friends and like any teenager; hates the way she looks. The boy whom she loves, Roger, does not love her back. All her so-called friends she cannot talk to and tell them her problems, they are not close at all. When her parents say that they are moving she is kind of excited. She gets to leave her old life and start all over.

During the summer she meets Jill. Jill takes her to a party and they play a game called " Button, Who's got the button"" Well 10 out if the 14 bottles of Coke had a LSD inside it. After this party she meets up with Jill several more times and does more drugs, she even loses her virginity. After all that was going on she leaves for San Francisco. San Francisco is a disaster, so she calls her mom and dad and they come pick her up.

She then meets a drug free guy named Joel, who is a freshman at her dad's college. She becomes drug free for a while. After one night of babysitting she eats some chocolate covered peanuts, in which someone mixed acid in them. Her past creeps up on her. After the little incident she decided not to keep a diary anymore, its old and immature according to her.

Three weeks after her last entry she dies, no one knows how. Her parents came home one night and she was dead. Was it an overdose? No one knows.