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Christopher Paul Curtis
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The Watsons Go to Birmingham, a Review

Summary: Reviews the civil rights era novel, The Watsons Go to Birmingham, by Christopher Paul Curtis. Provides a brief plot summary.
The book I read was the Watsons Go To Birmingham. The book was basically about this ten year old boy named Kenny and his family (Momma, Dad, little sister Joetta, and big brother Byron) taking a trip down to Birmingham to see Grandma Sands. The whole reason for them to go down to Birmingham was to drop of Byron because he was so out of hand. Byron treats Kenny bad and treated little sister Joetta good. Byron and his friend Buphead calls Kenny names and tricks him a lot. They call him all sorts of names like egghead, Poindexter, and Professor. They did this to him because he was smart an intelligent for his age.

Also Byron dyed his hair without permission and lit things on fire in the bathroom when instructed not to. That was the whole reason to go to Birmingham. While on the way to Birmingham from Flint, Michigan the children were exposed to slavery and didn't understand it much. When in Alabama a black church was set on fire and that is why Byron didn't stay in Birmingham he went on back home with his family. While back at home he changed his bad ways and started helping out a lot around the house since he saw what happened to blacks in the South. He also helped Kenny get over his fears of false things he told him in the past and the church incident.

This section contains 241 words
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