Student Essay on Tuck Everlasting, A Review

Tuck Everlasting, A Review by Natalie Babbitt

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Tuck Everlasting

In the beginning of the book there was a girl named Winnie. She was 17 years old and Winnie hated how the Fhosters, which is her family, told her to be a normal girl. Her family owned the forest. When she was running away she met a guy named Jessy. He said he was 104 years old and told Winnie about the water which could give her eternal life. There was a guy who was following Jessy and was sneaking on what he was doing, his name was Miles. Miles saw him drink the water so he drank it to and Miles got shot and when he saw himself he was still alive, that's how Miles new about the water. Winnie ran away of the Fhosters because her family were giving her too much pressure. There was also a poor family named the Tuckers and Jessy was part of the Tuckers, everyone in the Tuckers knew about the water.

The people thought the Tuckers were doing witchcraft because when the people saw the Tuckers they thought they were not getting older, they were young still. That's why the people didn't trust the Tuckers and the people did not want to trust the Tuckers at anytime they saw the Tuckers. Winnie falls in love with Jessy when she saw Jessy the first time and starts hearing music while Winnie was dancing, Jessy was making a beep so Winnie was dancing in front of Jessy. Jessy liked how Winnie was dancing. Miles told Winnie about the water and told her that cat died because it didn't drank the water.