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Jamaica, A Travel Guide

Summary: Provides tourist information regarding the caribbean travel destination Jamaica. Explores the climate, weather pattern and wildlife living on the island. Also discusses the geographical features of the island.
This is a proposal for you to allow me to go on a trip without your supervision. There are a lot of reasons why I want to go, and many things I want to do. I will also get some value out of this trip.

The reasons for wanting to go are for one the climate because I hate the snow and love the rain, And Jamaica get 78 inches of rain in a year. Another reason I would like to go is because there are a lot of landscapes to see, like the 6 mountain ranges.

The biggest reason I want to go to Jamaica would be because I have never been, it would be a good experience and I want to see their cultures.

There are many things I want to do in Jamaica. Like see the different kinds of birds. There are over 252 different kinds of species in Jamaica. Another reason would be because I want to go see the many different waterfalls that they have like the Dunn's River Falls where you go up in to the waterfalls. And the other thing I want to do when I am in Jamaica would be to go see some of the rivers, there are 120 rivers located in Jamaica.

There are many values I would get out of this trip like the educational value like to learn about their cultures and there history. This trip would also be a good and new experience.

This section contains 244 words
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