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Radio and Record Industries Contributions

Summary: Describes the radio's role in popularizing music to mass groups of people. Discusses the evolution of radio and file sharing. Reviews record industry contributions.
The radio's role as a source of popularizing music to mass groups of people is a quite large role. Between different types of programming and different recording industries, there are many different ways radio and recording industries influence what people saw and heard as popular.

Today ther are two major types of programming that influence what people hear and see as popular. Those two things are satellite radio and file-sharing.

One of these types of programming is satellite radio. The first satellite radio company invented is XM Satellite Radio. With satellite radio, you can listen to the radio in your home and in your car. There is no static, no distortion, and you won't "drive out of range" of your favorite radio station.

File-sharing is another form of programming. File-sharing is used on programs like MP3 and Napster. These programs are used to download musicor share files, hence "file-sharing."

The record industry also influenced what people saw and heard as popular. The record industry is the industry that manufactures and distributes mechanical recordings of music. In the 19th century, the music industry was practically owned by publishers of sheet music. When the 20th century came around,sound recording became more important and popular. After World War 1, records became more popular than sheet music and beacme the largest player in the business.

In the music industry, a record producer is the person in charge of completeing a recording so that it is fit for release.

A music publisher is another important figure in the recording business. The responsibility of a music publisher is to get songs cut by recording artists and to get included in recording projects.

Record labels are a big part of the music industry, too. There are two kinds of record labels: a Major Record Label, and an Independent Record Label.

Most Major record labels are owned by a few large multinational companies that make up almost all of the global recording industries, although independent record labels are appearing mor recently.

Independent record labels are record labels thought of as operating outside the sphere of "major" record labels. Independent record labels are changing into a new form with the emergence of open source record labels.

In conclusion, different types of radio, programming, and recording industries all affect the popularity of today's media.

This section contains 386 words
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