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Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal

Summary: Reports on American President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, used pull America out of the Great Depression. Discusses the alphabet agencies that Roosevelt established during that time. Analyzes the attempt to bring Relief, Recovery and Reform to a battered America.
The New Deal, created by Franklin D. Roosevelt, was a significant political change in America. The purpose of the New Deal was to give the insecure American people hope to fight the depression and to restore America to its former glory. In his first speech as president, Roosevelt said:

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

I pledge myself to a New Deal for the American

People. Give me your help to restore America

To it's own greatness. (Kelly 1997 Page 84)

Previous to Roosevelt's presidency there had been numerous Republican presidents such as Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge and Warren Harding. These presidents believed in free enterprise and minimised the role that the government had in the lives of its citizens. These policies were arguably the reason for the economic boom and the depression that followed it. Roosevelt was inaugurated during the depression in 1933 and brought in...

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