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Walt Disney

Summary: Gives a brief biography of Mickey Mouse creator Walt Disney. Promotes Disneyland as the happiest place on earth. Discusses a visit to the amusement park.
Walt Disney joined the Red Cross and was sent overseas where he spent a year driving an ambulance and chauffeuring Red Cross officials. His ambulance was covered not with camouflage but with drawings and cartoons. Disneyland is m favorite place because it's considered the happiest place on earth, it has a lot of rides, and you have a lot of fun.

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. People travel from many far- away places just to visit. Everyone who works at Disneyland is always happy to help you when you need it. The type of atmosphere it has is very nice and it is a place where kids can go and be a kid. It gives everyone no matter there age to enjoy there time at the park.

The rides at Disneyland are from slow and entertaining to fast and thrilling. The rides are the main part of Disneyland that people go for. Everyone, from small kids, teens, and adults they can all enjoy the rides all in the same way. Most of the rides have some kind of story to go with it which most people have heard since they were growing up. The rides at Disneyland share a bound with generations to generations of people and that bound is what keeps people coming back to Disneyland.

The fun that you have at Disneyland is really up to you. whether your going with your family or your friends there is no doubt that you wont have fun. When you're at Disneyland you leave all your troubles at home and you forget about the things that frustrate you because your usually too busy running to another ride or waiting to see a parade. Taking pictures, buying souvenirs, and eating allsorts of food and candy. When your at Disneyland your there to enjoy yourself and have a good time.

This section contains 311 words
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