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The Qualities of an Ideal Scholar

Summary: Ponders the question, in addition to academic credentials, what other traits should an ideal scholar possess?
Cecil Rhodes stated in his will the type of scholar he was seeking to award scholarship :literary and scholastic attainments; fondness and success in outdoor sports; qualities of truth, courage, devotion to duty; leadership instincts, and so on. This defined a perfect scholar in his view. But what else should one ask for"

Bookworms can be found at any place on the globe. But a true learner is very hard to find! Learning is a process too short to be completed in a lifetime. The smallest of things can turn out to be the the best sources of inspiration. This is what then drives one to put in more efforts for achieving the goal.

A healthy mind rests in a healthy body. What better way to maintain a healthy body other than to enjoy sports. It not only keeps the body fit, but also the mind stays in most agile state.

Moral force of character is what would define a true human being. A sense of leadership and the ability to lead from the front towards the decided goal is what would define the strength of character in a scholar.

Thus, a scholar should have an amalgam of all these virtues alongwith exceptional academic credentials to be designated as an ideal scholar.

This section contains 214 words
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