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Conflicts in "The Chosen"

Summary: This is an essay surrounding the conflicts in "The Chosen" by Chaim Potok.
The Chosen, a book by Chaim Potok, is about two Jewish boys and their friendship. Danny Saunders and Reuven Malters are friends that have a lot of conflicts due to religion and family pressures. The two boys live close to each other, but both live in different religious environments, even though both boys are Jewish. The two boys faces both internal and external conflicts throughout there lives.

There are many internal conflicts in this book. One internal conflict from The Chosen is at the starting of the book when Danny Saunders' and Reuven Malters' have feelings of dislike for each other. During a baseball game between two different teams with different religious standards the two boys meet. "I found myself growing more and more angry, and I felt the anger begin to focus itself upon Danny Saunders, and suddenly it was not at all difficult for...

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