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Inside the Cell

Summary: Essay provides a brief source of information on cells.
Eukaryotes- cells that contain nuclei

Found in single celled organisms, plants, and animals

Prokaryotes- cells that do not contain nuclei

Found in bacteria

Major Parts of a Cell

  1. Nucleus- control center of the cell
  2. Chromosomes- plans or blueprints of the cell. Found in nucleus
  3. Nucleolus- where ribosomes are mode. Found in nucleus
  4. Nuclear Envelope- surrounds and protects the nucleus
  5. Cytoplasm- fluid that holds organelles. Found outside nucleus
  6. Ribosomes- make proteins
  7. Endoplasmic Reticulum- process and transport proteins
  8. Golgi Apparatus- package and ship proteins
  9. Lysosomes- cleanup crew
  10. Cytoskeleton- supportive frame work & transport system
  • Microtubules- make up cilia and flagella....used to move cell
  • Microfilaments
  1. Vacuoles- storage of materials
  2. Mitochondrion- produces energy from chemicals for the cell
  3. Chloroplast- produces energy from the sun for the cell
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