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Description of "Night"

Summary: A descripion of the book "Night" by Elie Weisel.
Night, by Elie Weisel, shows a true story of concentration camp life. This sad and horrifying tale takes place during the Holocaust, in 1940's Europe. The two main characters in the story are Eliezer Weisel and his father. Elie lives peacefully studying deep into the mysticism of the jewish religion. He and his family are forced to live in a ghetto while awaiting deportation.

First, Eliezer studies Jewish mysticism with Moshe the beadle.Moshe is Deported because he is a non-citizen of Transylvania.He escapes and comes back to town to warn the people of the death camps. The people do not believe him they just think he wants them to pity him.

While he and his family live in the ghetto they still retain hope.They believe the Germans will not deport them and every thing will go back to normal. This is a very wrong assumption. They are deported to Auschwitz a Nazi death camp. During their first night their Eliezer loses his religious faith. He also loses all of his family except his father. They are chosen to be taken to Buna a work camp.At buna they are starved,beaten, and they watch as their fellow man dies from these two things.

After a while at Buna they are forced to run to another camp, Buchenwald . There they work under the same conditions. Here they are forced to watch men hang. After they are dead they are forced to walk by and look directly in their cold dead eyes.The Germans make them watch a young boy hang. As they are walking in a line past him a man asks "Where is god? Where is he"" Eliezer thinks that god would not let this happen to the Jews.

Later they are again forced to run to another camp,because the russian front is getting close . They run through the rain and snow with minimal clothes, and very few still had shoes. They run for a long time trying not to give up.Then they board boxcars to take them the rest of the way to Gleiwitz. There Eliezer's father dies. Four months later the front line has grown close to the camp. So, the germans are going to evacuate the camp. The evacuation is delayed a day so a rebel group takes control of the camp by killing some of the germans and the rest retreat. So, Eliezer is liberatedand suvives to write this book.

This section contains 411 words
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