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The Great Gatsby

Summary: Essay discusses the presence of foreshadowing in "The Great Gatsby." Essay also shows how Fitzgerald uses the weather in the novel to describe things that are happening and to foreshadow things.
During the novel, the weather becomes apparent because the rain, humidity, cold and windy weather are related to how the characters act. There are many parts in the Great Gatsby that reflect how this fits. Gatsby gets to know Nick because he would like to meet Daisy again. While Gatsby invited himself over to Nick's house for tea, the weather reflects the situation at hand. It's pouring outside while Mr. Gatsby and Daisy reunite. Their moment is awkward and unpredictable. When they start talking with one another the sun comes out to show that they are more comfortable around each other. Towards the end of the book, the tension between Tom Buchanan and Gatsby grows very strong. Tom confronts Gatsby about how Daisy never loved Gatsby and will always be true to her husband. "Some weather!...Hot!...Hot!....Hot!..." (Fitzgerald 121). The weather at this point is scorching, as Daisy keeps reminding us. She constantly asks to open the windows to cool down. The fight at the hotel is the peak of the humidity and the climax of their fight. Gatsby has been trying to hide his and Daisy's love for long enough, Tom was just trying to pull it out of him without it looking like he is the bad guy in the situation. -The day that Gatsby decides to swim in the pool is the first day of autumn. Jordan claims that things start over in the fall, the especially do in the particular case. Wilson decides to murder Gatsby because to his knowledge, he is the reason that his lovely wife, Myrtle, is dead. His life ends on the first day of autumn. After the funeral has passed, he has no purpose to continue living at his house because everybody he knew, moved away and started their lives someplace else.

"Outside the wind was loud and there was a faint flow of thunder along the Sound" (Fitzgerald 101). He is warning us that a storm or "fight" is brewing and there is just one trigger left, and the fight will begin. Many signs foreshadow things to come like in the book Great Gatsby.

This section contains 356 words
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