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Summary: Essay discusses my feelings on the events of september 11, 2000.
September 11th will always live, in the minds of those who lived though it, as a day of infamy. To many, it was the day their fathers or brothers or wives were killed. To others, it was the day the United States realized it was not a "Teflon" nation. It could be hurt and I was hurt severely.

Because of this horrific day, the country is more united, more fearful more secure, more serious, and more devoted to America. But personally, I feel like the presence of life has vanished. You see people hanging flags and feeling "patriotic", but we are now unable to live in peace. There is always the wonder of "if you fly to England, will your plane be hijacked" and so on. The stupid terrorists have ruined our sense of being, and that was probably their ultimate goal. They just wanted to hurt us mentally, and show that we are not a superior nation in the world.

Another thing about this day in history that I still cannot grasp is the impact it had on the American lives. Maybe it was because we live so close to New York City. But to see my friends lives ripped apart because their father died while he was at work, by some stupid terrorists is appalling. Overall, it didn't affect my life directly. It could have if my cousin did not have an early meeting and had been at work like normal, but the amount of death and destruction cause by a few ridiculous people with a plan and some money shows that life is not as easy as we thought it was. From now on we will always have to watch our backs and worry about everything. It is not a simple world anymore.

This section contains 298 words
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