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Roll of Thunder

Summary: Essay briefly discusses the book "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry."

1. My initial reaction to Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry was that I loved the book. I found it very moving in that I could really relate the book to stories that my grandmother has shared with me and my sisters about her childhood and growing up in the south. This book brought her stories to life.

2. On of the most powerful scenes in the book for me is the situation between Cassie and Lillian Jean. This moving to me because its just appalling to see the way that black children had to act toward white children, as if they were inferior. Being forced to apologize for accidentally bumping into her and refusing to go into the street, then having to call her "miz". This scene was powerful but at the same time it was very upsetting that these acts were tolerated and that the parents of Lillian Jean allowed this to take place and actually approved making it o.k.

3. The land that the Logans own I feel is most important. The land is most important because it is all the Logans have besides their family. Owning this land is a sense of security, it something that they have and something that will be passed down to generations to come. The Logans worked hard to own this land and will continue to work hard in order to keep it in the family.

This section contains 235 words
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