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Thesis of "Lord of the Flies"

Summary: Essay provides a brief discussion of William Golding's "Lord of the Flies."
This book tell the story about a group of English boys that discovered an island after their plane crashed, killing all the adults on the board. In this island they have no rules, they make the rules, like keep the fire burning stay together, help to bring food, etc...

The principal characters are Ralph, who is the protagonist, with fair hair, very tall and thin; Jack, the antagonist, with an evil smile leading the anarchy over the island; and

Piggy, a fat boy, which is Ralph's best friend in the island.

"There was no place for standing on one's head. This time Ralph expressed the intensity of his emotion by pretending to knock Simon down; and soon they were happy, heaving pile in the under dusk. When they had fallen apart Ralph spoke first. -got to get on-" (27).

I think that Ralph represents the perfect human, he only does good, that's why he wanted to be chief, he have the spirit of a good chief, and is so excited with the sound of the shell and the assemblies. His best friend is a fat boy called Piggy, which follows him everywhere.

"We have lots of assemblies. Everybody enjoys speaking and being together. We decide things, but they don't get done.... Now there is not water, the shells are dry. People drink from the river" (79).

Now, the people are a little tired of Ralph's orders, they feelings of freedom and no rules in the island appear. They were searching for action and fun, that's why they began to join Jack, character that is not bad, but don't have a good relationship with Ralph. Then Jack begin to do fun things and hunt, and many of the kids began to join him, and Ralph began to lose his chief power, and Jack became more powerful and to do more stupid things, thinking that is a good chief.

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