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The Bravery of Three Characters

Summary: Essay discusses the bravery of three certain characters in "To Kill a Mockingbird."
Bravery can be described as courage, heroism or just having guts. Three of the characters all showed one sign of bravery. The three I chose to displayed courage by standing up to an elder, faced a rabid dog and stood up to his children. Throughout the book they talk about being brave, these characters proved that they had the courage to face a difficult situation.

The character that displayed courage in a hectic situation is Calpurnia. When she saw the rabid dog, Tim Johnson, she made the kids were safe. She put the kids inside and warned the neighbors. She got done what needed to be done. In a time of somewhat chaos, you need someone like that.

Jem is a brave charcter in many ways. When people talked about Atticus he ignored them and went on. He dealt with Mrs. Dubose differently though. He cut the tops of her flowers off. Doing that to a lady who hides a gun under her layers of shawls is brave but not very intelligent. Dealing with his punishment is the bravest thing Jem did in Part 1. Going to Mrs. Dubose's house everyday and listening to her talk about his father was tough, but he stuck with it.

Finally, the hardest thing to do is to stand up to your children. Atticus did so many times. He wouldn't teach Jem and Scout to shoot their guns because he didn't want his kids shooting living things just for the fun of it. Telling your kids no is difficult for most parents. Another act of courage is when he had to shoot Tim Johnson. The kids didn't know about `One-Shot Finch.' To stand up shoot a living thing after you told your kids no is courage.

The acts displayed by Calpurnia, Jem and Atticus showed they all had great courage no matter what the situation. They stood up to many different situations and succeeded. There are many characters that showed courage in To Kill a Mockingbird.

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