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My American Hero

Summary: Describes a personal hero. Explores what qualities a hero possesses. This essay is mostly centered on teachers being heroes.
What is a hero? A hero gives to others and expects no reward. A hero helps others in need with a kind heart. A hero makes a person's dream come true. These values apply only to true heroes. We may not know who these true heroes are. Actually, we have met them in our lives many times. They have affected us in many different ways deeply.

These true heroes are teachers.

These teachers include not only schoolteachers, but also other teachers who give not only knowledge but also wisdom to people. Can we imagine a famous hero who grew up without being educated by a teacher? I think not.

When I was eleven, I won a state piano competition and I became a hero to many people. However, to me, the real hero is my piano teacher who taught me how to love music with my heart and guided me step by step. If it were not for him, I would not have won.

My school participated in a national math competition and our school's team won first in the state. This made the team members heroes for many other students. Yet, to me, the real heroes are the math teachers that helped coach the team and lead them to victory.

I am living in a second-generation teaching family. I have seen how hard teachers provide their energy, enthusiasm, and their heart to their students. I have also seen how delighted they become when they see their student progress. From them, I can believe that all teachers are the same, and should all be considered heroes. Seeing them makes me want to become a teacher. When we honor a famous hero, we should also think about the teacher behind that hero.

All heroes have been taught and affected by teachers. Teachers are the real heroes. If there are no teachers, there won't be any heroes. Therefore, teachers are real heroes who we should respect, honor, and love; in the past, now, and in the future.

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