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Children's Rights in the Philippines

Summary: Discusses the issue of children's rights in the Philippines. Details the routine abuse of children, including being sold to brothels and factories.
Children are the most vulnerable ones in our society. They are the unheard voices and the unrecognized members of the community. Rarely does adults give attention to the ideas of a child. Above all children have been used and abused by people who know nothing but greed and evil.

Children are the hope of the nation there will come a time that they will be the next leaders of our nation. The life and future of the Philippines lies in their hands. That's why adults focus on enriching and developing these children so that they may be able to enjoy life.

In order to uphold these development of the children the it is the role of the government to protect and uphold the rights of these children.

But then are the rights of children given to them? Is the right to love, compassion, education properly attributed to the children?

When you look around us you will see children laboring, toiling and begging just to live, and what do their parents do? What does the government do? Nothing!

Our leaders at the government who are supposed to cater to the needs of the children are neglecting them for 1 reason. Because children do not vote! That is why these politicians abuse these children! While the adults make use of them to earn money and satisfy their needs and wants!

Is this the right way of parenting? When most parents in the society do not even care to show their children their love! How do they expect their children to grow as good loving individuals?

Adults really expect much from their children that most see them as tickets to prosperity! But children are not ways towards a good life. Children must not be used for the parent to earn money! Some children are even used for prostitution and child labor.

Children are being sold to brothels and factories. The children are being sold to slavery! With all these happening where are the rights of children... or should we say what's left of our rights?

The constitution guarantees that all citizens be given equal unalienable rights some rights are being taken away and so what's left of our rights are mere ways of appeasing the people!

Let us fight for our rights! Because only when we get them can democracy truly prevail!

This section contains 390 words
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