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"Who Own Your Cells"?

Summary: Details a case questioning ownership of rare cancer cells.
Who really owns your cells"You,you would think. Well sorry do I got news for you. Consider this what if you were in dyeing pain and you needed medical attention right away but you had to sign a from stating that the doctor can use your cells for anything he or she wants to. Do you stay in the aching pain or do you just sign the paper and have the operation. This happened to a guy named Michael More.

First, Michael had horrible pain so he went to the doctors like any one else would. The doctor diagnose him with cancer,but he was one of the many lucking and had i cell or organism that could kill of the cancer but he didn't know because the doctor just took them after it killed of all the cancers cells.

Second, Michael was happy and fine but someone had stolen his cell and yet he didn't need them he felt used that someone just took his cells but what he didn't realize is that before he went into surgery he signed a contract stating that the doctor could do anything with his cells that they wanted. He quickly found out of what had happened and put out a lawsuit on the doctors.

Last, After he found out that the doctor had his cells he also found out that they were going to cells some of his cells and because they are so rare they would sell for a lot of money and soon came to find out that the doctors were already trying to sell the cell. After he got informed about all this he filed A lawsuit and he won his cells back and the money that was gained from selling some of them.

As you can see some things are very tricky and can even fool some of the most intelligent people on earth. So next time when you have to have surgery and now what you are about to sign.

This section contains 336 words
(approx. 2 pages at 300 words per page)
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