Student Essay on Pride and Prejudice: An Examination of Mr. Bennet

Pride and Prejudice: An Examination of Mr. Bennet by Jane Austen

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"Mr. Bennets Characteristics"

Everyone has their own unique qualities and differences. In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Mr. Bennet, the father of five daughter and husband to Mrs. Bennet, has his own qualities and differences.

Mr. Bennet's qualities are that he ponders and thinks thoughtfully over an action, idea, or though before speaking, and acting. An example of this is when Lydia and Wickham are to be wed and before they could they needed his approval. He thought for a while in anticipation of the thought but ends up to replying yes. He also is very kind to his favorite daughter Elizabeth like when Mr. Collins proposes to her and she has a choice to marry him and her father (Mr. Bennet) will never see her again because he disliked him because he disliked him. Lastly Mr. Bennet has good thoughts of people and doesn't really say anything bad about people.

Mr. Bennet, however, does not really have a good relationship with his wife Mrs. Bennet, as the narrator of this novel says. Mr. Bennet disagrees with his wife's thoughts and actions. They both like two totally opposite daughters too. He thinks that his wife is silly, when he should love and care for her because she is his wife. Since he doesn't speak a lot in this book and give his opinions about his thoughts I also think that this is a bad quality of his because we can't really know what exactly he is thinking about.

His dislikes and good qualities are good willed and they are his own unique characteristics. From all these characteristics of his I think that he is a mysterious person in the back round of the book giving some important ideas into the story whenever he speaks. He brings fog in my mind when he speaks. His qualities are his own and very own, everyone has theirs.