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A Worn Path, a Literary Analysis

Summary: Provides a literary analysis of Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path." Explores the importance of setting in the story.
Eudora Welty uses setting in "A Worn Path" to impact the story in many different ways. For instance, the natural setting puts many obstacles in Phoenix's way, even though they are inanimate objects. The natural setting could be described as the antagonist in the story. Eudora Welty's setting in "A Worn Path" affects the action, the atmosphere, and the characters.

The setting affects the action in "A Worn Path" by placing obstacles in Phoenix's path. Some of these obstacles include this log bridge, the hill, and the big black dog that knocked her over. The setting also provides space for extremely rich detail, which is used throughout the story. The details of the path are constantly referred to, and they make up a big part of the story. These details also affect the mood of the story.

The mood or the atmosphere in "A Worn Path" is fairly happy, but slightly said. This is obvious because of the changing of the season, and also the colors described. The colors are "warm", which indicated happiness, while the cold weather and the season indicate sadness. The atmosphere is also contributed to by the verbal pictures Eudora Welty creates. Welty's details give the reader a clear picture of the setting and the characters.

The last thing the setting affects is the characters. Because of the time period the wording and terminology are a little bit different from today. Also, Phoenix wouldn't have been able to walk to Natchez if the story's setting hadn't been set in a rural town, in the early 1900s. Phoenix wouldn't have been able to ask the lady to tie her shoes, or get medicine for free either.

In general, the characters could not be what they are.

The setting plays a large role in "A Worn Path." It affects the characters, the atmosphere, and the action. Welty uses the setting to totally change and influence her story. She uses incredible detail to make her story interesting, and that detail gives the plot life.

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