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Roosevelt's New Deal

Summary: Examines the administration of American President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Describes how his New Deal program helped pull the United States out of its Great Depression. Chronicles the lasting effect of the programs and discusses which programs are still in use today.
There is no question of the effectiveness of the New Deal program instituted by FDR as a campaign promise in 1932. It helped America out of a national crisis, although it was not the cause in removing them completely from the Great Depression. Approximately 70% of the New Deal's programs are still in effect today and they have greatly changed the face of American economics as they were known in the early 20th century.

In the 19th century, "laissez faire" practices ruled the American economy. However, after the completion of World War I, the American economy was in a serious boom. The economy was growing at such a rapid rate, even the stagnancy of the normal laissez faire economy was not felt during this time. Industrialism was in a full boom, agriculture was expanding, and stocks were being purchased at a record rate; but all was not well. The...

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