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The Story of Gilgamesh

Summary: Reviews the story of Gilgamesh. Examines lessons learned from the text, including the true meaning of friendship, sacrifice and strength. Explores the relationship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu.
Reading Gilgamesh story introduced me to many new ideas and thoughts I didn't know before. I knew the true meaning of friendship, sacrifice, strength and to where greedy can lead. Gilgamesh and Enkidu were the two main characters in the story. Gigamesh was created with two parts. Part of him was human and the other part was god. He was really powerful and handsome. Enkidu has some common things with Gigamesh. He was powerful and strong. He used to live with the beast on the forest and eat grass. I think part of his nature to be wild. This made him help Gigamesh in his journey.

Enkidu the faithful friend of Gilgamesh really misunderstood the true meaning of hero. He thought that heroes are the people who have the power to do anything they want even if it was an evil thing. This is what happens when he urges Gigemesh to Kill Humbaba. Humbaba was the forest protector and he was really strong and powerful. Enkidu thought that if Gigamesh killed Humbaba they will gain fame and glory. They will prove for people that they are the strongest (especially Gigamash). Killing the Bull of Heaven was another story. After Ishtar saw Gigemesh she wanted him to be her husband. Gigemesh didn't want that. She gets really angry and sends the Bull of Heaven to kill them. Enkidu urges Gigamesh to kill the Bull of Heaven to save their life. They were defeating them selves. The common thing between these two deaths that Enkidu really trust Gigamesh strength and power. He know that his friend can kill them. In the same time, if Enkidu was not there Gigamesh will never be able to kill them both.

I think that Gigamesh and his friend Enkidu could use their strength in something good instead of trying to gain fan and glory by killing innocent people. As we see throw out the story the two friends personality developed from stage to stage. I think this is part of human nature. People change according to the situations happen to them. At the end, both of them died as all people do.

This section contains 358 words
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