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Animal Farm

Summary: Essay provides a brief description of "Animal Farm" by George Orwell.
Imagine you are living under harsh conditions every day of your life and you cannot do anything about it. This is how the animals in Animal Farm felt. So, the animals decided to take over the Farm and name it Animal Farm. It is a very interesting book to read because you get to see what goes on in a revolution. You can also have an ominous view of all the characters, so you can tell what is going on very easily.

Animal Farm is a very symbolic book and well written. The book symbolizes the Russian revolution. The characters in the book symbolize the characters in the Russian revolution. For example, Napoleon, a pig on the farm who takes control of all the animals, is symbolic of Stalin (Russia). Snowball, the other main pig represents Lenin (Russia). The animals that take over the farm symbolize the workers that take over the government in Russia.

George Orwell's writing is simple and sweet. His novels are clearly worded and very legible. Animal farm portrays the Russian revolution and many other revolutions very pleasantly. He makes history fun and interesting by using animals of all types. This novel is very cute and it will not let you put it down.

This section contains 210 words
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