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The Nature of Art

Summary: Discusses the nature of art with references to specific pieces.
Art is the self- expression of the artist's beliefs, opinions, and emotions through visual, physical, oral, or verbal means.

Artists often use symbolism as an indirect form of expression. For example, in the poem Girl Writing a Letter by William Carpenter, the thief "slices the canvas" (Carpenter, 10) in order to steal the painting of the girl that he has fallen in love with. This symbolizes the thief stealing the girl's heart. While symbolism can be an effective tool of self-expression, a viewer's interpretation of the piece may be completely different from the artist's. The viewer may find meaning in a piece, even when the artist did not intend for it to be there.

Although one may find a piece of artwork to be unattractive, this does not necessarily mean it is "bad" art. Quality art is meant to provoke emotion in the viewer. The more intense the emotion, the better the piece is. Styles in art are in constant change according to the artist's surroundings and current events. With change in style comes change in how the viewer is affected.

Ambiguity and aesthetic value contribute to the appeal in all art forms, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This section contains 203 words
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