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Brochure to Saturn

Summary: Essay provides a mythological description of a trip to the planet of Saturn.
Traveling to Saturn would be lots of fun. You would get o see the beautiful rings that surround the planet up close and personal. In Roman mythology, Saturn is described as the god of agriculture and on this trip you would understand why. You would get to see monuments on these Greek and Roman gods. You would get to spend a day on a Saturn moon to explore. Saturn generates internal heat so there for you wouldn't need to bring any winter coats and look like an Eskimo. The only thing that you would need to bring is your everyday travel bag with all belongings. Everything else would be given to you if not then you would be able to buy them. A space suit would be provided and it would fit anyone of any size and shape. It would be heat and cold resistant, so that your temperature would be kept at the right warmth. The suits are called "in-plug" suit that is because the suit are big when you put them on but we you press a button then it shrinks to your body size, and would be skintight.

Places that would be visited:

A moon on Saturn

Rings on Saturn

Visiting Monuments

Medieval kingdoms (amusement park)

This section contains 211 words
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