Student Essay on Personal Opinion of the American Dream

Personal Opinion of the American Dream

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The American Dream has many different interpretations. People may interpret the American Dream as being happy, liking everybody for who they are, having fair trials, and other countless views. It is difficult to tell whether the American dream has been fulfilled or not. Of all these views, I think that freedom is one of the most important dreams. The cost of freedom does not come easily.

Freedom has more than one meaning. Freedom can be an allowance to express thoughts, to have rights, and to do what one desires to do. The reason I think freedom is the most important view of the American Dream is because it allows people to fulfill their view of the American dream. In freedom, people can be happy, earn a healthy living, get an equal job, and accomplish personal dreams. Of course with freedom, there is responsibility.

The cost of freedom does not come easily. Whether one refers to it as freedom in equality of people or freedom as in government, it must be fought for. For over one hundred years, African Americans tried to be free and have equal rights. A man named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tried to achieve his idea of the American dream of freedom. When immigrants come to the US, they usually come in search of freedom.

Last year, our freedom was infringed upon with the attacks on September Eleventh. We have not stopped fighting to preserve the freedom of America. In my opinion, the dream of freedom has been achieved, yet it can be broken easily. This is only one aspect of the American dream, what is yours?