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Adolf Hitler

Summary: Explains why Adolf Hitler would be an interesting person to meet. Also includes several interesting questions that one could ask Adolf Hitler.
I would want to meet Adolf Hitler because he is a person one would want to get answers from the Holocaust . Also, he is someone very important in history.

Some of the questions I would ask him are : Why did you hate Jews so much ? What is your religion ? Where were you born ? What 's your date of birth ? Are you Jewish ? What were you a leader of ? I've read that you were homeless at one time, is that true ? Why?

The answers I imagine he would probably give me are: " I hated Jews because I felt they were the cause of my problems . My religion was Catholic since I was young . I was born in Braunau am Inn in Austria. My date of birth was April 20, 1889 . I am certainly not Jewish. My grandfather may be,but not me . I am proud to say that I was the leader of the German Nazi Party, and I was most honored to be part of something so important . Yes, it is true that I was homeless . I am sad to say that I was homeless because of my parents death . It was a tragedy happening so slowly and painful . Now if you would excuse me I have to get back to important business . "

I think Adolf Hitler was mad for power .He was obsessed with it, a dictator, was evil, and insane . There was no reason for Hitler to do those awful things, such as killing innocent Jews .They did no wrong to Hitler . I also think if Hitler was a true Catholic, he wouldn't have done such things, like killing .

This section contains 271 words
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