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12 Angry Men, The Play: The Forman

Summary: Explains why the Forman was not the best person to deal with the situation in Twelve Angry Men (12 Angry Men).
In this play "12 Angry Men" the Forman was very authoritative. He took charge whenever someone would get out of hand in any way. He was always trying to get everyone to stop fighting, no matter what he had to do and last he would try to make everyone agree even when there was that one man who would not change his mind for anything or anyone.

When the Forman gets into the room he takes charge right away and sits at the front of the table to lead everyone. He first says, "let's take seats" (page 88). Everyone was being loud and talking a lot and then he said, "we'd like to get started" (page 88). The Forman was trying to give the men ideas on what they could do to figure out a verdict, then the Forman said "we can vote right now to see where we stand" (page 88).

At the begging, when the men where discussing the trial of the boy and if he did or did not stab and kill his father, everyone was fighting and not getting anywhere, at that rate they were all going to be there forever. The Forman would try to stop the fighting "I don't see the need for arguing like this, I think we ought to behave like gentleman"

(Page 89). The Forman tried calming the jury down to "lets calm down now" (page 90). At some points he succeeded and some he failed.

The 12 men where taking a long time to come to a conclusion about the boy and his trial. The Forman would try making everyone agree, but there would always be that one man who did not agree and would not change their mind for anyone or anything. Juror number 3 was that man in this case. The Forman would try making everyone agree "that sounds fair, is everyone agreed"" (Page 93). And when juror number 3 did not agree with anyone the Forman got him convinced that the boy was not guilty by the end.

In conclusion, the Forman in the play was not the best in the room of the 12 men to deal with this situation. He still did an extremely good job and got everything that needed to be done, done without tearing everyone apart even though they did get under each other's skin. Overall the Forman was very organized.

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