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Teenagers Appearance

Summary: Teenagers appearance: Do they care?
Nowadays adolescents take too much care of their body appearence. But that is not my case because I do not feel a great pressure to conform to established beauty patterns. That is why I have a possitive view of my body. Sometimes I want to be in shape, so I do sports and I eat the necessary food items to be healthy and fit. This is a way of preventing any type of diseases.

Some friends of mine have a negative body image. One of them doesn't like her body, so she tries diets or she doesn't even eat sometimes. I think that is because adolescents admire someone else's body and as they are so obsessed with that body that they do not see the good things in themselves. They dont realize that in that way they are damaging their body.

Most adolescents do not have a definite personality. They copy someone esle's habits, so they stop eating and this could bring terrible consequences. This consequences are Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa. The Bulimia Nervosa produces a regular use of one or more of the following symptoms to prevent wheign gain: self-induced vomiting, use of laxatives, strict dieting, fasting or vigorous exercise. Anorexia Nervosa is presente when women have a distarded body image, and they are refusal to mantain weight that is over the lowest weight considered normal for age and height. Both of them are almost hopeless.

These problems affect boys and girls between 13 to 19 more or less. But the pressure is bigger for girls because they take more care of their bodies and how they look like than boys. Sometimes girls are just trying to impress their boyfriends. they are not conseous of what they are doing.

We have such a hard time in embracing our physical differences and accepting our bodies for what they are. That is because some people discriminate or isolate against people who are fat, or have any type of problem. This makes adolescents not be conseous and start diets which involve eating little amount of food. People should have more self-confidence of themselves. This would be another way to prevent problems.

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