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Racism in the South

Summary: Evaluates some of the history of racism in the United States.
In the 1940's and 50's African American people were treated different then whites. African Americans were on the opposite side of systematic and supported racism in the American-South.

Racism in the political way was least known of in the American-South. In the American-South African-Americans were targets for political, economic, and social racism. Right now I'm going to talk about the political reasons. Racism in the political way was very rare, but it was still happening like how there were all white juries. Also how mostly every crime an African-American committed they would get caught for. They were also denied education and only made 700 dollars a year that was the most. Also they were refused the right to vote and that meant that not one black leader would get elected because of all this racism towards African-Americans.

For example, when Rosa Parks didn't give her front seat on a bus up to a white man she was arrested for it. African-Americans were also exposed to economic racism against them as well as the other two. African-Americans were exposed to economic racism because of a number of things having to do with different things like how there graves were hidden in little cemeteries in there own place. They grew all their own crops and foods for their family. Lots of African-Americans worked on white people's farms and had to pay for their own equipment. They had to pay for there working utensils and didn't have enough money to do so.

Racism in the American-South was mostly social reasons with African-Americans. In the American-South African-Americans were referred to as Boy or Negro and that was making them feel like they were lower then whites and were like children. Also African-Americans were separated from whites on buses, trains, etc. Also, and in restaurants, different churches, court houses and so on and so fourth. African-Americans not supposed to talk to white people because they found it offensive. For example, when a young black boy said something to a white convenience stores owner's wife he was killed that night found in the water dead.

In all, racism was supported and systematic in the American-South. If racism was still supported and systematic all blacks would have trouble in the political, economic, and social world.

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