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Biff Loman - Death of a Salesman

Summary: About Biff Loman, from Death of a Salesman
In the book "Death of a Salesman" Biff Loman is the oldest son of Willy Loman. Growing up Biff has always been Willy's favorite son. Now after Biff has grown up, he realizes the truth about himself and his father Willy. Biff realizes that he is a failure and has always been a failure, he says that he is "a dime a dozen." Biff blames his failures on Willy, he tells him, " I stole myself out of every good job since high school!." When Biff say this Willy responds, "And whose fault is that"", like he didn't think Biffs failures where in any way his fault. In my paper I am going to write about how Willy caused all of Biffs failures in one way or another, and how Biff comes to realize that he is nothing but a failure.

I am going to start out in one of Willy's flashbacks, when Biff and Happy, his younger brother, are young boys. Biff is on the football team and he brings home a football from the school, this is the conversation that follows; Biff says, "Did you see the new football I got"" to Willy. Willy then responds "Where'd you get a new ball"." Biff then replies, "The coach told me to practice my passing.", then Willy says, "That so? And he gave you the ball, heh"." Biff, "Well, I borrowed it from the locker room.." Willy, laughing with Biff, responds, "I want you to return that.." Then Happy gets into the conversation saying, "I told you he wouldn't like it!." After that comment from Happy, Biff angrily replies, "Well, I'm bringing it back!." Then Willy cuts in and says to Happy, "Sure, he's gotta practice with a regulation ball, doesn't he? [To Biff] Coach'll probably congratulate you on your initiative!." See, Willy doesn't get mad at Biff for stealing the ball he more or less rewards him for it! This is the cause of one of Biffs many downfalls in his life caused by his father.

One of the other reasons why Biff always had problem keeping a job was because Willy always told Biff that all he needed to succeed in life was to be well liked and good looking. Biff for a short time actually believed this.

This section contains 381 words
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