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Slave's Dream

Summary: Summary of Slave's Dream by H.W.Longfellow.
The Slave's Dream by H.W. Longfellow portrays the lost dreams and ambitions of a slave. This slave is captivated by the images of his family and native land. We encounter the various whims and emotions of the slave, which as the poem proceeds seem to be heighten. The slave's dream is almost like a symphony, which after reaching its peak, drops to a silence which is defeating-Death

Holding his sickle in his hand, the slave lies beside the dispersed rice. Bare-breasted, his dull hair is covered in the sand. Weary, he takes a respite from his toil, thus falling asleep. And once again, images of native land seem to form the 'soul' of his dream. We are introduced to the tiring and unfulfilling life a slave leads,and how he yearns to go back to his loved ones-native land.

Along the stretch of scenery of his dream,the Niger,almost imperious in its stature, flows regally. He imagines himself to be a king, no more bound to the shackles of slavery, but free to do whatsoever he pleases,`and he majestically strides(on horseback)on the plain lined with palm trees. The slave is so empowered by this dream, he actually hears the tinkle of caravans coming down the mountain road. Now, the slave is in the midst of a land, which recognizes him as an individual and not a slave, a land which he identifies with.

This section contains 240 words
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