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Man of the Year: Isaac Newton

Summary: Essay is written as if during the time of Isaac Newton by an editor and reporters.
The polls have spoken; Isaac Newton is the man of the Month. Chosen for his amazing contributions in science, Sir Isaac stole the spot light from last month issues' Man of the Month, Galileo Galilei. When genius of should I say an apple struck, Sir Isaac Newton created a new picture of the universe. Newton showed one universal law mathematical proven could explain all motion in the entire universe.

Among his many achievements were the invention of the reflecting telescope; the invention of a branch of mathematics known as calculus; the clarification of the three laws of motion; and the development of the law of universal gravitation. As chair of the mathematics at Cambridge University, Isaac Newton wrote Principia. Principia, a book containing mathematical proofs supporting universal gravity, completed the ideas of brilliant Scientists such as Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo. Newton's laws of motion that he established governed all planetary bodies and objects on Earth. His universal law of gravitation explained why planetary bodies did not leave their elliptical orbit around the sun. Gravity attracts every object in the universe to every other object.

Certainly one of the greatest scientists who ever lived, Isaac Newton had a profound impact on astronomy, physics, and mathematics. Without his discoveries, the scientific method would not be as widely used and we would not be as advanced in our technology. No doubt, the greatest genius of the Scientific Revolution, Isaac Newton will remain a legend even centuries from now.

This section contains 247 words
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