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Thorton Wilder vs. Hollywood

Summary: This is an essay comparing The book Our Town to the movie Our Town.
Thornton Wilder vs. Hollywood

Hollywood has once again destroyed a great classic, this time the victim is Our Town. There were a few good points in the movie, but these points were greatly over-shadowed by the monstrosity of an ending and a number of small shortcomings throughout the movie. The viewer of Our Town would be lucky to leave getting nothing out of watching the movie.

There were a few good aspects of the movie Our Town. One of them is that they did a good job with most of the characters, specifically the stage manager. He fits his character perfectly. Another thing is that they for the most part stuck to the original script. Though these aspects of the movie were good they are outnumbered by negative aspects.

The main part of the movie that made it bad was the ending. Instead of having Emily die like in the play, they had her live. This was really bad because it gave the movie an "everyone lives happily ever after? ending. It also takes away the moral of the play. Before the movie the moral was that people don"t live life to it's fullest and don"t realize how wonderful it and the world is.

The other reason the movie was bad were small details and specific things. One of these things was the script. Though they did stick basically to the script they changed little things and took out some of the jokes. An example of this was when, in the play Mrs. Soames says, "Doesn't she make a beautiful bride"" and then George says "I do" but in the movie they don"t have any thing like that joke. Also in the movie I hated the character of George Gibbs. He was much too old, he was supposed to be 17, but he appeared to be 27. These are only some of the imperfections in the movie Our Town that helped to destroy it.

The play Our Town was wrecked by the eyesore Hollywood calls a movie. The few good points it had are easily outweighed by the "Disney" ending and frequent flaws in the movie. The viewer of Our Town takes away nothing worthwhile from this movie.

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