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Summary: This is a review on the movie Holes.
The movie "Holes" is based on the award winning book Holes, by Louis Sachar. The movie is about a 13-year old boy named Stanley Yelnats. One day, he was walking and suddenly had a pair of shoes fall on him. He thinks it is a miracle or something, so he starts running and the police chase him and take him home. He has to go to court and the judge sentences him to 16 months community service for stealing shoes. Stanley believes this is from a generation long curse that runs in the men of his family.

The juvenile camp, called "Camp Greenlake", isn't really green at all. It is really a dried up lake bed. There Stanley has to dig a whole every day 5' deep and 5' in diameter. Everyday he has to get up at dawn to do this in the hot blazing sun.

The characters in the movie have funny nicknames. There is Zero, Zigzag, Twitch, Magnet, X-Ray, Caveman, Squid, Barfbag, and Armpit. Stanley's nickname is Caveman. The warden and Mr. Sir, the people who run the camp, say that they are only digging holes to "build character". Later in the movie, Stanley learns more than he should about the camp.

In this joyous film, they show flashbacks of the "Kissin' Kate Barlow" and how she hid a treasure. They also show how Stanley's family got the curse. Stanley's great great great grandfather had promised Ma'dam Zeroni that he would carry her up the mountain and sing to her in exchange for her fattest pig to win the heart of his sweetheart. He accepts the trade, and Ma'dam Zeroni threatens to curse the men in his family if he goes back on his promise. He forgets about the promise and goes to America.

This entertaining movie is one of the best movies I have seen this year. I would definitely recommend this for anyone of any age to see this. It keeps you on your toes and has an interesting ending that ties everything together. I am sure you will be pleased. There are so many exciting surprises for children and adults.

This section contains 357 words
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