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Romeo and Juliet Events

Summary: Describes who caused various events in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.
Act I Prince stops a fight between benvolio and Tybalt. Benvolio promises to make Romeo forget his love for Rosaline. Romeo and Juliet meet and Romeo falls in love with eachother.

Person who caused event Prince Benvolio Romeo

Act II Juliet says she will denounce her name for Romeo and they discuss it They agree to marry the next day. Laurence warns Romeo about acting so impulsively on love.

Person who caused event Juliet Romeo Laurence

Act III Mercutio interferes with Tybalt and Romeos fight and gets stabbed to death Romeo kills Tybalt and flees, and the Prince exiles him on penalty of death. A marriage for Juliet and Paris is arranged, and Juliet threatens death if they have to marry.

Person who caused event Mercutio Romeo Juliet

Act IV Juliet fakes death before the wedding by drinking some herbs. The wedding is changed to a Wednesday morning, a day earlier. Once she is found (supposedly) dead, te wedding is changed to a funeral.

Person who caused event Laurance Capulet Capulet

Act V Romeo hears Juliet is dead, and decides to kill himself. Romeo kills Paris and then kills himself with poison. The families decide to stop fighting because of all this, and make statues to commemorate.

Person who caused event Balthasar Romeo The Prince

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