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The Great Gatsby

Summary: The Great Gatsby: The importance of time and the past.
The importance of time and the past is obvious when Tom and Gatsby conform each other. Gatsby has an obsession with regaining the wonderful past that he had held in his mind over many years. As a result of this extreme obsession, he orders Daisy to tell Tom that she has never loved him. Gatsby has the need to know that Daisy has always loved him and remained emotionally loyal to him even throughout her relationship with Tom. Tom however, has the past between him and Daisy to work with. He uses this intimate personal history to cause Daisy to reminisce about her feelings for him. Tom controls the past, and through this control, he destroys Gatsby's dream of his future with Daisy. He feels secure enough with his control to send the two back to East Egg together and this is a confirmation that Gatsby's dream is over.

When Gatsby decided to take the blame for Daisy's hit and run, it shows how he still loves Daisy very deeply. He ignores her whimsical lacking of concern for him as he sacrifices himself for her. This illustrates the dignity that defines Gatsby's character. This allows the reader to look beyond Gatsby's criminal side and see the wondrous love that he holds for Daisy. As Nick leaves Gatsby in the end of the chapter, it is similar to his parting at the end of chapter one. Gatsby is once again left alone, standing in the moonlight and yearning for Daisy. However, where the first time, Gatsby reaches out towards the green light of Daisy's house, this time he is past the light and on Daisy's lawn, but his dream is gone forever. Gatsby will never achieve the life he envisioned with Daisy because of the past between her and Tom. As the chapter ends, this realization becomes very apparent and the reader beings to feel a kind of sadness for Gatsby.

This section contains 322 words
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