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To Kill a Mockingbird~Mockingbird Motif

Summary: The essay describes what the mockingbird symbolizes in the book.
A mockingbird does nothing except compose beautiful music for people of all ages to enjoy. It would be a sin to kill a mockingbird. In the novel to kill mockingbird many Maycomb citizens can be compared to a mockingbird. Citizens like Tom Robinson,Jem,Scott,and Atticus Finch.

A mockingbird is an innocent creature who wouldn't even hurt a fly. All it does is sing it's heart out, for others to enjoy. A mockingbird may remind you of Atticus Finch. Atticus did nothing but help the helpless. He helped Tom Robinson even though everyone knew Tom had no chance once Mayella Ewell testified against him. Because, of his actions man Maycomb citizens,like Bob Ewell believed he should be punished.

Another character a mockingbird could relate to is Tom Robinson. Tom was a hardworking negro who just happened to attend Calpurnias church. All this man did was walk in he Ewell residence to receive his pay. He was the mockingbird and, the Ewells were the hunters.

A mockingbird could symbolize Scott Finch. Scott was as innocent as they come at the age. Of course, like any other child she had her share of fights with various class mates but had a good heart. She was shot much like mockingbird. When Bob Ewell attacked Jem and her. She was shocked and couldn't defend herself because of the ham costume she was wearing. Bob Ewell sinned when he killed a mockingbird.

In conclusion, the mockingbird relates to many characters in the book who did nothing but help others. They didn't bother other peoples corn cribs or gardens they just sang for others to enjoy.

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