Student Essay on Telemachus and His Journey

Telemachus and His Journey by Homer

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Telemachus and His Journey

The purpose of sending Telemachus this journey is quite clear-cut, not only does he need to find the whereabouts of his father, he also needs to find himself. The goddess Athene assigned this mission to Telemachus, because he needs to rid the suitors of his property. However, Telemachus also needs to find out who he is, and what he stands for. By giving this mission of great importance to Telemachus, Athene has instilled a great amount of confidence and self-worthy. Hopefully, Telemachus will discover the meaning of life, and become a man on this possibly perilous journey. Yet this is not the sole purpose of the task. The suitors at Telemachus's house are eating and drinking all of Odysseus's wealth. Because of the Greek hospitality rule, Telemachus cannot turn them away; instead they continue to feast on fatted animals and fine wine. If Telemachus does not act soon, the suitors could eat him out of his own home. Therefore, Athene, the bright-eyed goddess, has assigned Telemachus this journey, so he can not only find his father and rid his mother of the suitors, but also to find himself.