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Annontations to Lord of The Flies

Summary: Lord of The Flies, William Golding - notes
Lord of The Flies-Annotations Pg. 66

Annotation Points

  • Maurice, after seeing the ship seemed to come to life and got ready for whatever might happen, this seems like he was unprepared before
  • Maurice seems to be a little selfish because he did not even helped, but instead went to put on his tattered shorts
  • Ralph, Maurice, Piggy and Simon were looking at the sea and focusing at the ship
  • "Piggy was rubbing his glasses on his shorts and squinting at sea."
  • Piggy and his glasses represent an ability to see clearly, to perceive and understand what is best, and intelligence, he is trying to locate the ship as in the quote above
  • " Of all the boys, only Ralph was still", Ralph is the protagonist of this novel and he is the leader of the group, the quote above further tells us Ralph's character, it proves that he is calm, and intelligent
  • Simon symbolizes pure goodness or a "Christ Figure", "Simon stood by, looking from Ralph to the horizon." Simon is looking at the leader of the group then looking into the horizon at the ship, shows hope and the good side of humanity
  • Ralph's face was pale when he said the ship's crew will see the smoke shows how scared and frightened he was
  • The word "ravenously" was used in the sentence "Ralph continued to watch the ship, ravenously." It seems as though Ralph really wants to be rescued and he misses home dearly because he is eyeing the ship "ravenously"
  • "Simon stood by him, silent." The "him" is referring to Ralph and since Simon is silent luck was not on their side and goodness will not prevail
  • "Ralph! Ralph!" Suddenly, when Piggy and Simon noticed there was barely any smoke one of them, Simon, started yelling Ralph's name, since Simon is pure goodness, his calls to Ralph seems desperate and foreshadows the events to come, cruel behaviour by many in the group and even killings and murders, perhaps injustice
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