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Piggy's Eulogy

Summary: A Eulogy for Piggy of The Lord of the Flies by William Golding.
Piggy and I were the first to meet that day on the island. After that moment I felt some sort of instant connection between Piggy and myself. Piggy's asthma, obesity, and reliance on eyeglasses caused him to be viewed as odd and like a minority, he became an outcast. He became an easy target for the other boys, with which to take their aggressions out on. However, despite all of the abuse Piggy remained strong. In fact, I doubt that any of the other of the boys would have been capable of enduring all of the cruelty and maltreatment that Piggy had. He was also probably the smartest boy on the island. However his lack of good communication skills made it hard for him to find his niche on the island. Piggy's presence on the island was taken for granted. He was aware of our situation, and had great ideas for survival. However, the rest of us were naïve and felt Piggy couldn't possibly have anything good to say.

Piggy was the intellectual of the island. Piggy was constantly trying to keep peace between our tribe and Jack's tribe. Our lack of vision and lack of intellect pushed Piggy away. Despite how bad we all treated Piggy, he was aware that he could not survive without us. As a result, he didn't let the abuse we dealt get to him and got by working with the rest of us to achieve survival.

Piggy's death was extremely unfortunate. With the death of Piggy, we lost an intelligent, intellectual, and courageously strong individual. His presence on earth will certainly be missed. Rest in Peace.

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