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1984 by Orwell and China

Summary: The desire of freedom that exists in every Chinese and the people in 1984 by George Orwell.
George Orwell, the author of 1984, expresses his opinion of totalitarianism, which is ruling with absolute power as the ultimate method to control people both physically and psychologically. In the story, the Two minutes hate, Newspeak, Junior spies, telescreen and though police are the methods of the government, "Big Brother," uses to control its people. The result of these methods of controlling is a complete breakdown of the independence of an individual's mind, and thus, the government will be able to maintain its limitless power over its mindless citizen.

In me opinion, I believe that being able to have independent thought and right to speak up is the most important rights that every human being present in the society should share, or in other word, it is democracy that bring about the feeling of save and secure among people. With my observation over mainland China in the past few years, I witness several facts that are similar to what Orwell has proposed in 1984. It includes suppressing or sometime even put the though leader (thinker) into life sentence in order to keep the disturbance that threaten the government's control away, or deny certain historical facts that oppose the party's believe. (Big brother can never be wrong)

I believe that there will be no movement toward improvement in the society if the government suppresses individual though like what mainland China does or the extremity of Orwell's opinion. As we can see in the 1984, there is a problem in the society in the story in which individual though is viewed as crime. And that is the reason why Winston is willing to join rebellion to bring change to society. It is obvious that the change cannot be brought is days over the system that has been established for such a long time but it can be done though gradualism.

This section contains 307 words
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