Student Essay on Action and Inaction in Animal Farm

Action and Inaction in Animal Farm by George Orwell

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In Animal Farm, each animal's decision either brightens or threatens his or her future. Run by the communistic pigs in a fascist, unrelenting, governmental, society every animal owes their ill fate to their own actions and failures. None of the animals at one point joined together to work for their own good. The only way to stop oppression is to fight it. Every animal had a choice to leave and every animal had a choice to fight. In the communist society the only people living are the leaders. Communism works for the absolute ruler not the people. Not once had the pigs offered any kind of solace or solitude toward resolving a disagreement. They always use brute force and destroy those who speak out. If only the animals had spoke out earlier the communist pig regime would have been weak so the stronghold for the communist could have been abolished and animals could live free again. To begin with the miniscule, putrid amount of brain the sheep have, did nothing to help the community. Bantering songs and repeating verses `til early in the morning about how great animal farm was, only show how naïveté can affect people in a society. They were to busy singing their songs to even realize what was happening to the manor farm. Also, the dogs, who in their right mind gives away their new born puppies. If the dogs would have stood up and opened there eyes and see what was happening from the start, Napolean would have been army-less and much more vulnerable to ambush. Boxer, bless his soul, is more stupid than a doornail, but has the heart of a champion. Here again we see another innocent victim fall to the grasp of naivete. He is the most loyal, strong, and nice animal on the farm, but the nice guy doesn't always win. Theses are a few animals who go to show, that we all fall to our own defeats, every animal's actions and failures contribute to the pigs' control of the farm.