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Why is sextus a pest?

Summary: This essay is about a kid in Roman times and his struggles. Right out of Ecce Romani.
Why is Sextus such a pest"

Now it is the 9th hour. The carriage was still not movable in the ditch. Sextus is bored to do nothing for the boy is energetic. Suddenly he therefore runs towards the carriage and opens the trunk. At that moment he pulls out of the chest a ball.

"Do you want to play ball"" he shouts. He throws the ball towards Marcus immediately. Marcus catches it and sends it towards Sextus. Again and again the boys kept throwing the ball to each other. At that moment Sextus who often wants to annoy Cornelia. As a joke he throws a ball and hits Cornelia.

Immediately angry Cornelia turns to her mother and says, "Why does Sextus bother me mother"" she shouts, "Why does Sextus throw the ball at me? What an annoying boy Sextus is!"

"Come with me dearest" responds her mother and she hugs her daughter. "Sextus hits you because he did not intend to hit you. He is an energetic boy and he is reckless, the boy is not always annoying.

"But why is Sextus living with our home"" asked Cornelia who is still angry. "Why does the father of Sextus send him away""

"Sextus' father is doing a journey in Asia. Because father is gone it is necessary to leave Sextus in Italy. Therefore because Sextus' father is a friend of your father Sextus stays with us."

"What about Sextus' mother? " asks her daughter, "why does she not take care of her son""

"Alas" replies Aurelia, "Sextus' mother as you know is now dead. Sextus does not have a mom"

Cornelia goes silent. She is no longer moved by anger. However at that very moment Sextus yelled out "want to play with us Cornelia? Although you are a girl, perhaps you are able to throw a ball." While yelling now smiling and fleeing Cornelia is angry again. " Go away you annoying boys" she shouts, "don't play with the ball!"

This section contains 329 words
(approx. 2 pages at 300 words per page)
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