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Short Breakdown of The Giver

Summary: This essay is the exposition, climax, and denouement of The Giver by Lois Lowry.
Exposition: The Giver takes place in a community that is based on sameness and ignorance. There is no weather, no colors, no music, no animals, and no nature. The people in this community don't even know what these things are. We are immediately introduced to Jonas and his family and we are also given a rundown on the community's rules and traditions.

Climax: One day while Jonas is at training he makes The Giver realize that love and pain caused from memories would improve the community. This is the day that The Giver and Jonas make the plan. Jonas is to receive as many memories as he can and then run away from the community so all these memories will return to the people of the community.

Denouement: Jonas escapes from the community and travels many days on his bike. Just when he reaches a point of physical exhaustion and starvation, he hears music and singing from a place ahead of him. This gives him a new hope. Jonas also thinks he hears music coming from a place behind him. He thinks the memory of music was given back to the community that he left behind.

This section contains 198 words
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