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Romeo and Juliet Film Response

Summary: The essay is about the Romeo and Juliet movie and a comparison of that and the book.
The movie of Romeo and Juliet Acts I and II follow the exact plotline of the book in just fewer words. For example, in Act I, the movie does not start until about line twenty in Scene one. In all other respects, the film remains perfectly exact to the lines and setting of the book. In other words, a person could easily read along with the movie.

I believe that Shakespeare would give his seal of approval to the movie because of the plotline. A summary of both the film and the book would be exactly the same. Since the point of the ancient story agrees, Shakespeare says yes.

I believe that the movie advances the setting a lot, but the full experience comes from the reading. Considering the fact that the film leaves out some of the details, the total picture can come only from the book. Although, you can only tell what is going on in the background from the movie. Characters are also advanced because you are able to see the characters appearance. Overall, I would rather watch the movie, because it is easier to understand.

This section contains 191 words
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