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Compare and Contrast: Brave New World and 1984

Summary: Compare and contrast Brave New World and 1984
After reading Brave New World and 1984, I come across that these two book are very similar in many ways. Even each Utopian society takes pace differently from each other there are more similarities in these two books that should be compare and contrast.

Like I said earlier that the book has similarities. Its similarity is share through one character from each book. The characters are name Lenina and Julia. These characters show a resemblance of one another. Lenina is a from Brave New World while Julia exist in 1984. The two are no different when it comes to sex, Julia and Lenina would use their bodies for sex with multiple partners and they find it enjoyable. Another known similarities are that they both are attractive people and any man wouldn't hesitate to sleep with them and they both play an important part in the book. Both author must of seen them as a whore.

Though there are similar things about Lenina and Julia. There is also difference that separates them from one another. Lenina for one is mentally condition from birth to encourage and enjoy sex with other men. While for Julia, even though she is an anti-sex type of person she only uses and enjoy sex as a rebellious act against a powerful political party. When it comes to a though situation Julia out beats Lenina because of Julia's ability to be smart, sharp, and avoids conflict. Lenina on the other hand escapes problems by taking an anti-depressant drug called Soma that causes a person to escape reality.

Aldous Huxley and George Orwell had reasons for writing their books. The similar thing about it is that, both of the author's books were a prediction of the future that they believed would soon become. Huxley showed us a world where science and technology ruled the world. For example characters in Brave New World were developed in an incubator and mentally condition to follow orders. As for Orwell he created a world society where Government and political power played a role of world domination. Though different in their sight of the future one thing is clear about their intention to show the world. Both authors wrote the book to warn people about the fast growing of science and technology or how much power government and political parties are gaining.

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