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Safe Sex Debate

Summary: Safe Sex
    I found in Sex Safety ( that sex safety doesn't end with condoms.  It includes keeping clean, knowing what to avoid and making the right decisions.  It talked about washing after having vaginal sex, not sharing condoms, dildos, or sex toys.  It also talked about washing towels and bed sheets to prevent the spreading of STD's .  

    In my next article ( I found that abstinence is abstaining from sexual activity 100%.  I also found that one in four sexually active teenagers get a sexually transmitted disease. There was a lot to say about how it is good for teens to avoid sex.

    I believe that sex should wait until after marriage.  I have been strong in this from a very early age, growing up with Christian values and see many of my family members get pregnant at a young age and not being married has made me make a commitment to remain abstinent until marriage.  I can't say it's always been easy, I have been with my boyfriend for two and a half years and have lived with him for a year, but I told him my choice and he agreed and has accepted my choice and has never pressured me to have sex.  I feel women should lose their man or vise versa if the other partner can't accept their choice to remain abstinent.

This section contains 255 words
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