Student Essay on Death of A Salesman Quote Analysis

Death of A Salesman Quote Analysis by Arthur Miller

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"Hap, I've had twenty or thirty different kinds of jobs since I left home before the war and it always turns out the same." pg. 1335

"maybe that my trouble. I'm like a boy. I'm not married. I'm not in business, I just - I'm like a boy." pg. 1335

    I chose these two quotes because they really describe how Biff is lost in life. He has neither purpose nor direction. It is as if he is searching for something through-out the entirety of the play but fails to find it. To me it seems that Biff thinks life is like college and he is not ready to choose his major. He can never seem to keep a job. He flunked math his senior year and was not able to graduate. He was supposed to make up the credit in summer school but he caught his father [Willy] with another woman and changed the way he viewed his father changing him from a soon to be college boy to a "drifter" where he began stealing. He went to jail for stealing a suitcase. Stealing was a motif used within the character of Biff. He also had stolen a football from the school. He said he 'found it,' but Happy didn't believe him.